TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, Aidan Quinn, Bruno Ganz

Liam Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris.  He is in Germany for a BioTech conference with Elizabeth (January Jones), his wife of five years. Now let me just state from the get go, I love the name January Jones. Television’s Mad Men knew her well, but the movie guy rarely watches the little screen. This has nothing at all to do with this movie. I just wanted to say January Jones is a very cool name.

Anyway, Harris, like many of the obnoxious PhD’s in academia, loves to constantly refer to himself as “Doctor.  ”  He’s a professor.  My apologies. It is in the move but not really  very important.

Harris leaves his briefcase at the airport in Berlin. Whether this is the first of many fortuitous acts or discreetly planned is never really clear. You just know lots of pretty bizarre events are about to unfold around every corner.  People are going to die and lots of folks are going to freak out. And they do. On his hurried cab back to the airport, the car careens off the road and over a bridge. He is pulled out by his hottie taxi driver (Diane Kruger)  but spends four days in a coma. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, his wife Elizabeth is continuing on as if nothing happened.  The only  thing is another man now is playing Dr. Martin Harris (Aidan Quinn).  Did our buddy Liam suffer amnesia?  Was he ever Dr. Martin Harris?  Is this all an organized plot or a sick joke?  We have no clue and that is what made this movie work. We really are at a loss for a rational explanation. It was like a real life version of the old TV series To Tell the Truth. We keep crying “Will the real Dr. Martin Harris please stand up?”

This movie went beyond someone with amnesia, because we are pretty sure that Harris does not have it. We know Elizabeth is his wife but she is pretty convincing she never met him.  While his wife clearly seems suspicious, she does not appear to be under duress. Harris is joined by his taxi driver on his quest to find his true identity. Why? This is  clearly another misdirection, not to mention that no taxi driver in the world is this hot of a babe. Hang on for a long ride around the block and back.

To be continued…..Come back for more….TMG has to get to the movies …