Chartrand Legal ServicesArt Chartrand remains independent of any label or affiliation. He works on behalf of a variety of leading insurance information management and technology companies on regulatory compliance, contract and legislative issues. His practice is premised upon providing facts, insight, communication and a fair balance between his client’s desires . . . and his client’s best interests. Chartrand’s history in law and on the radio as a consumer advocate ranks with some of the best.

Chartrand Legal Management also forms, organizes and manages associations for small to mid-sized trade groups. Art Chartrand and his association manager, Joy Moore, have over twenty five years experience assisting trade groups to grow, manage their daily affairs, hotel contracting, plan major meetings and pursue their members regulatory and legislative needs.

We both challenge and support the insurance and service industries to be responsible and good citizens. Art Chartrand is on a first name basis with senior staff in insurance departments throughout the United States. His experience in the area of insurance law and regulatory compliance is matched by few others. His reputation for honesty and integrity are second to none. His practice is built upon trust and client goals. He speaks frankly.

Clients want a result when they come to us. They don’t want to be told what they can’t do. Our mission is to get them where they want to be legally, and with the understanding and support of regulators.

To meet that latter goal, Chartrand has traveled to every state and been a guest in virtually every insurance department—New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Arizona and Nevada on many occasions. Most attorneys in this field focus on one state, one capital, one insurance department. Chartrand works the entire country.

My primary function is that of a negotiator—a well informed negotiator. Bulldogs have no place in this business nor does someone with just a pretty smile. You need to understand your clients goals and appreciate the concerns and needs of regulators as well. We seek common ground. That is just good law practice and just plain good business.

Chartrand has been the leading choice for many national firms with regulatory interests. Chartrand’s practice stresses results and practical advice for his clients. If cost reduction of your legal expense matters, Chartrand’s result oriented approach is a clear choice.

I have seen firsthand some large firms billing clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on the same regulatory effort our firm is engaged in. Our clients incur a fraction of that cost and our results are far better.

Chartrand was one of the key authors of the NAIC Model Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act and Regulations and the 1992 amendments to the NAIC Unfair Trade Practices Model Act. He attended nearly every quarterly meeting of the NAIC from  1984 to 2015. In recent years, direct one-on-one meetings in state capitals takes priority. It is part of his commitment to stay in tune and in touch with key decision makers.

Current clients range from some of the largest  information technology companies, insurers and trade associations to pro consumer causes. Chartrand represents the leading providers of home service contracts and serves as counsel to the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA).

In some states we can be more effective at given times than others. Interestingly enough, our role for some of our biggest clients is to keep them out of the insurance industry and insurance code treatment. We will shoot straight with you. If your current law firm is never recommending anyone but themselves or claiming they can handle everything, you don’t have a law firm you can trust. We will work for a company that needs us, but we will also work to keep them accountable and in compliance with the law and best practices.

It is all a matter of knowing the regulatory environment and understanding competing interests.

We know the service contract industry better than anyone. We know producer licensing. We understand market conduct examinations and enforcement. We understand claims management and emerging technology issues such as data protection and privacy.  If your law firm is advising you to use “secure portals” in all your client communication, it just means they have not kept up and enjoy alienating clients. Seek counsel that tells you how to do things versus the dribble of what you cannot do. We thrive on public policy issues affecting everyone and seek balance, not controversy.

Chartrand boasts that one of his proudest accomplishments has been as a founding member of the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society. He received the IRES President’s Award in 1992 as the first non-insurance commissioner to receive the honor. Chartrand created and chaired the market conduct training school known as “The National Insurance School on Market Regulation” from 1993-2009. During his tenure, the school was widely regarded as the nation’s top insurance school.

If you need to understand state regulation. If you are asking, “Can we…,” “Is it legal to . . ” “How will Illinois regulate us if we…” or simply “We messed up. What do we do now?” You should be giving us a call.

When legislative issues or special circumstances dictate, Chartrand has his own handpicked force of lobbyists, consultants and litigators.

We use lobbyists whom we know personally and share our same ethic. Men and women who are busy and successful, and only interested in getting the job done at a reasonable price. Do you need a lobbyist to adopt or amend a state statute on any subject? We support an exclusive network of the hardest working lobbyists in the country. Read more about our legislative support services.

It is what we do.