TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly

I expected a grade B horror flick. This film was surprisingly spooky and freaky.  The three inexcusable things it lacked:

1.) Women who really appear to be college freshman (sorry 25 and 30 year old babes don’t)

2.) College kids use Macs and iPhones not Sony Computers and Ericson phones. Sony Pictures:
You have to be realistic even though you want to push your crappy phones and laptops, and ;

3.) A good ending. Gee whiz. Such a great creepy film. So well acted and done. Then zippo!

All that said, this movie exceeded TMG’s expectations.  The plot was sound and it left you wondering what would happen next. Despite being too old for their roles, both Meester and Kelly were excellent. This was a well filmed thriller.  It could have used some more crisp dialogue and a much better ending. TMG thinks it will be a hit movie at colleges. It will be interesting to see if it has any long tail appeal for resurrection on future Halloween nights. I suspect not.

I was as much intrigued by the story as I was with Leighton Meester  as the creepy roommate Rebecca and trying to compare her as Chiles Stanton in Country Strong (2010). Meester has amazing morphability into disparate roles.

Joy Lynn says: This film provides eye candy to the max!!  However, I did not recognize Leighton Meester – she looked very different in this movie than she did in Country Strong. [Once in awhile, Joy Lynn and TMG agree.]

This is not a terribly frightening film, just somewhat creepy.  A water downed version of horror flicks Case 39 (2010) and Let Me In (2010). This is a fun film to take a date to, but not the thriller it could have been.   Too “pretty” and “artificial” for me.