TMG Scale 3.0    MPAA Rating: R
Starring Jessica Chastain….and some other folks.

SHORT REVIEW: If Director Kathryn Bigelow’s  purpose was to convince me that CIA work is long, tedious and very boring,  SHE CONVINCED  ME! My advice if you have not see Zero Dark Thirty is to arrive 1 hour and 45 minutes late. The last 45 minutes is worthy. Other than that, this film is enormously disappointing and bad story telling.  This picture of CIA Operative Jessica Chastain here pretty much sums it up. TMG was doing the same thing. It was agonizing!

The Navy Seals who executed this mission deserve so much more. Perhaps Affleck or Eastwood have some time?

TMG suggests you go see Argo instead. Argo was 10.0 on the TMG scale, entertaining, suspenseful, fun and educational. TMG got zilch out of Zero Dark Thirty.  Clearly the most overrated film of the year.  Bring a blanket and book is my suggestion.