TMG Scale 9.0     MPAA Rating: R
Starring Heroes galore!

Directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh take us on an incredible ride I have not experienced since Saving Private Ryan (1998) or Black Hawk Down (2001).  

Go out an hug a U.S. service man or woman of your choice. Donate to Wounded Warriors Project  right after.   These are special people—very special people…and real heroes that make the  Sandra Flukes of the world look like the spoiled brats they really are.  While some people choose to spend their time attacking Christianity and wanting free stuff, others train and fight for our precious freedom to be free.

Here is The Movie Guy’s proposal: Next time we have a real Seal Team mission, lets send out Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and Sandra Fluke out on the first team. Let’s let Eric Holder lead them into battle.  I am sure everyone will sleep much safer that night!

Go see this movie today!