TMG Scale 0.0     P Factor 1.0     MPAA Rating: R
Starring Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell

Do not go see or support this film.  TMG will not endorse any movie that sexually exploits children, and neither should you. I was looking for Adam Sandler or Nick Cage to show up in this film. A ten year old little girl using the F word is just over the line. It is inexcusable. Worse, it is so unnecessary. Next, Hollywood will be showing eight year old children performing sexual acts. This isn’ t funny. I am pretty certain under many state laws it is not even legal to coach a ten year old to use vulgarities and reference sexual acts. The obvious, apparent exception being University Park, Pennsylvania.

Jonah Hill has shown he can be a gifted actor in Moneyball.  He took a huge step backwards in this movie by showing he is still just a vulgar and obnoxious fat boy. This is obvious from the first minute of the show when he performs oral sex on a girl. The surprising thing is at least it was a girl. I don’t think most labradors would allow Hill to lick them. The movie just “goes down hill”  from there. I will readily admit there is some funny content, but the net result is the moral equivalent of justifying the actions of Jerry Sandusky just because he was telling some really funny jokes in the shower.

There is an overtly pro gay point of view pushed.  This is fine for adults, but not for children. Only adults should be allowed anywhere near this film. Adults can decide for themselves what they believe in. Using children to promote gay messages is just wrong. We saw this recently with little children being coached to ask gay questions to politicians. Oh come on! Does any gay adult person of a sound mind really think this is the way to advance their agenda?  Exploit children? Children who cannot even fully comprehend what they are saying?  It is pathetic. It would be just as wrong to use children to promote a transcontinental pipeline or taxation of the rich. Leave the kids alone….and leave this film in the can where it belongs!