TMG Scale 3.0
Starring Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Patricia Clarkson

Joy Lynn: I was so disappointed in this film. As you know, I prefer love stories based on real life drama rather than the commercial romantic comedies that are silly, full of fluff and are unrealistic.

As I have noted in a previous blog,  Beginners (2011) touched my heart because it was real.  This film saddened my heart because it was so dull and uninteresting.   Anne Hathaway was excellent in her role and I enjoyed all the different hairstyles she pulled off.  The dialogue may have been intriguing, but I had a had time understanding the English dialect so I may have missed some of the intended humor. This film had such potential. There was no nudity, foul language or disgusting scenes in the movie.  There was nothing to distract you from the real story, except the story itself.

I did not read the book the film was based on, but I felt like I was watching the book being read.  It was painfully boring.  A book can take 20 years to develop a relationship.  Trying to adapt in film makes for a dissatisfying  experience for the viewer.  It passed by so quickly, you had not time to invest in the relationship.

This is one day you might want to find something else to do.

TMG: Boring, boring and even more boring.