TMG Scale 7.0    MPAA Rating: R
Starring Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Paul Gleason

I added this to the TMG, DVD commentaries because of the debut in October, 2011 of the Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez film, The Way.  I knew Martin Sheen had been in another movie where he played the father and another real life son, played his son. This was it. The real provocative thing about No Code of Conduct, is that the title and father and son relationship was a bit prophetic of partially what was to come in their own lives….Charlie’s for sure.

[Note: TMG has great respect for the Sheen/Estevez family. Martin is a legend. Emilio is just awesome and Charlie, despite his struggles and bouts with drugs and demons, still  is Martin Sheen’s God given and beloved son. When Charlie had his apparent public meltdown (call it what you will)  in the summer of 2011, his family stood by him and when all seemed lost, they prayed. Good families do that. TMG respects that. Charlie appears on the way back. I bet his respect and love for his Dad played a major part and vice -versa.]

In this film, Martin plays cop Bill Peterson about to retire from the force. Son Jake  is also on the same police force. Jake’s marriage is falling apart due to his police work. Bill, the father, is trying to help the struggling son. There appears no code of conduct to guide Jake.  There certainly is no code of conduct for the dirty cops who are setting them both up. Both get in hot water trying to stop a drug smuggling ring.

It’s a pretty basic drug smuggling cop film. The acting talents of both Sheens make it shine more than most. It’s fun and exciting.