Starring Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett
TMG Scale  9.0

A surprising film both in its daring for the times and timeless intrigue.  Set in 1941 Germany and London, this was clearly an anti Hitler and anti Nazi Germany movie.  And it was made in 1941 — long before the USA ever got involved in WWII.  Walter Pidgeon (he only suffered from a really bad name) was awesome and Joan Bennet would be a hottie in Hollywood today.  If you are just too often bored with old, pre 1960 black and whities that seem like they must have been a drag even when produced, this one will amaze you.  It pulls you in minute by minute and keeps you not on the edge of your seat, but firmly planted in the story.  Like many of its era, this film regales us with how many cigarettes can be smoked in two short hours on camera.  Walter Pidgeon  even casually puts out a cigarette butt on the floor of an apartment flat in England.  Maybe they still do that over there? This film should be mandatory in any high school film or even history class.  Try it. You should  really like it. If not, please write and tell me how in anyway this film is lacking in any way.  It truly earns a 9 point rating and probably a Presidential Freedom Medal.