TMG Scale  1.0
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz

TMG admits kids becoming their dream super heroes to fight crime ninja style mixed in with some high school situational humor is a fun idea. However, this film was hugely disappointing on so many levels.    TMG cannot fault  the producers for an exciting script, a well  filmed movie, and very good  actors. But one has to call them out for being sick perverts. This film could have been a possible 8.0.  Instead,  it must receive a 1.0

TMG does not endorse any film that depicts children gratuitously using the F word and both variations of the C word.  I am no expert on Federal and California child labor laws, but writer and Director Mathew Vaughn surely deserves some investigation. The film attempts to amuse  by having kids use very adult language and commit Kill Bill style mutilations in a Scarface type plot.   Isn’t that funny?  Isn’t that amusing? No.  If you took,  or allowed,  your pre 15 year old to see  this film you too are due a visit from social services.  My esteem for Nicolas Cage dropped immensely for having anything to do with such child exploitation—and this film is all about child exploitation.

Chloe Moretz is an incredible child actress, but she is only 13 years old now and was certainly 12 when this was filmed. Worse, she  plays a character who appears to be more like 10 or 11.  An apparent 11 year old dropping F bombs and making graphic sexual references to the male and female  anatomy will draw a nervous laugh from most.  It does not make it any less sick or irresponsible.  Openly exploiting children for laughs, creeps or thrills is just over the limit. Way over.

Incredible and graphic violence is not the issue. I loved Pulp Fiction and still find it to be  one of the greatest films of our time.  Saving Private Ryan was very tough to watch but likely was not even close to matching the real horror of war.   I found Kill Bill I (I wisely skipped the sequels)  a bit gross but can understand the bizarre intrigue and release gratuitous violence provides for adults.

If Kick Ass is where films are headed, TMG is going the other way. I sat through this film because it is what I do. I suggest everyone else skip it.  On a positive note, Aaron Johnson has great promise and will hopefully get better opportunities in the future. And TMG loved Clark Duke. This kid has Oliver Platt qualities written all over him when he grows up and gets even a bit serious.

If any responsible adult saw this film and disagrees with TMG, I would really like to hear from you.

Sidenote: AMC Theatres was the innovator of the dine-in movie experience, but they are executing it poorly. Service remains bad, and the food remains cold and soggy. The McGuffin’s bar remains  a desolate failure.  It’s too bad. With some advice from TMG, they could be really kick ass!  Just call me.