TMG Scale 6.0    P Factor 2.0     MPAA Rating: PG
Starring Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike

Joy Lynn: Think of this film as Austin Powers Lite. It was amusing, but fell short of a great comedy. Rowan Atkinson is miscast in the lead.  Steve Martin would have been a much better pick as Johnny English (and Atkinson should have played Stu in The Big Year.)

I am not a fan of slap stick humor so at least half of this movie was not funny at all.  The other half was mildly funny and entertaining. The humor was not consistent and the pace was off.  I prefer witty lines and less silliness.  I felt like I knew everything that was going to happen.

At times, the movie was more like a cartoon, especially when English socks a female in the face, (ugh!) as well as hits an elderly lady over the head with a metal pan again and again (double ugh!).

This is a family friendly movie, mild language, and no nudity. The P Factor rating of 2.0 was due to a gratuitous scene of men urinating in the bathroom. It served no comedic purpose, but  a scene that seems to accompany all spy movies!!  Where else would you meet up with the right guy to shoot?