TMG Scale 4.0 for adults, maybe a 6.0 for little kiddos
Starring, voice of Steve Carell as voice of GRU the villian

This is an animated kiddie movie suitable for animated kiddies, period.  Adults are warned to try to get the baby sitter to take the little ones. Despicable Me is a near two hour version of a only halfway decent Saturday morning cartoon.

GRU is  a mastermind criminal who is trying to steal the moon by using three little adopted girls to steal a shrink ray gun for him.  He gets enamored by the little girls and ultimately decides he has a heart and maybe some things you just would not even trade the moon for.  Sweet for sure. Funny no.  Entertaining to nine year olds perhaps.

GRU’s Mom is voiced  by Julie Andrews but TMG was amazed to learn this in the credits so it was sort of a wasted effort. TMG and “The Boss” Joy Lynn saw this movie together. I was admonished for doing email through most of it.  3D did not help this movie a bit and a roller coaster sequence almost made some in the theatre upchuck.  Crisp writing and some adult humor might have saved this movie form quick oblivion.  TMG sees these movies sometimes so you don’t have to.  It is just part of the public service we provide.