Art and Joy just cannot figure out Martha, Marcy…. May or Marlene for that matter, and advise your time and money is better spent on some Christmas shopping…or some dental work instead. We rant about the students at Penn State taking the side of football over children and poke fun at them by wondering what the inevitable movie might be called over this whole tragic affair. We both rave about J. Edgar  despite a few flaws. Nuremberg presents some terrific history and some surprising parallels to to politics of today. It is a must see (but suggest it for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon…it would not be a good Friday night date experience.) For some Thanksgiving family watching on DVD, rent Steve Carell in Dan in Real Life (2007)  or TMG’s all time favorite, time The Family Stone (2005). Leonardo DiCaprio is our star of the week and by popular demand, we bring back “Dead or Alive” in our trivia segment. Listen in now!