TMG Scale 7.0
Starring  Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Bill Murray

After seeing the talented Eisenberg in The Social Network (2010), TMG just felt compelled to see what else this young man can do. TMG was not disappointed. What sort of sappy affection we have for these geeky, unmuscled and flourescent tanned Michael Cera types is hard to get a handle on. I suspect it has to do with their blanket vulnerablity, dry wit and undenialble intelligence.   Women call it the “new sexy.”  Whatever. Look for Eisenberg making a tell tale reference to Facebook early in the film.

The time is post civilization and the earth is overrun by crazed former humans as flesh eating zombies.  Did I have to say that?  Anyway, Eisenberg is trying to trek across country on his own to a part of the country that he thinks may be zombie-free.  He has 30 rules to survive by from “good cardio” to outrun zombies to the “double tap” (never just shoot a zombie once) to “never be a hero.”  He meets up with Woody Harrleson who has his own rules—doesn’t he always? It is often hard to tell if Harrleson is playing himself or a character. Along the way they encounter Emma Stone and her younger sister and the competition is on to survive. Mutual affection builds as well. Guys know it is  hard to stay mad at Emma Stone, even at the risk of being eaten alive.

A great cameo appearance by the “Big BM” Billy Murray that is, really was a priceless addition. Murray is a catch in any movie these days (Get Low is a must see for 2010 or any year).

Whether you call this movie a horror flick, a horror spoof or satire, it really does not matter.  It is mostly comedy and very good comedy at that. It is coupled with some total gross out zombie eating human stuff but it is so over the top most will laugh rather than be grossed out or horrified.  Zombieland is a keeper on the DVD shelf. Any group of guys on a Friday night can play this one and be sure of a great time.

Joy Lynn advises women may not appreciate the pervasive  “guy” humor quite so much.  It won’t stop TMG from watching this one again and don’t let it stop you either.