TMG Scale  Below Zero—too pathetically bad to even rate.
Starring James Franco, Natalie Portman and  Danny McBride. Why, is the real question.

TMG has only walked out on two films in his entire life. This was the second one. It was so bad. It was so unfunny. Trust me, don’t even think about seeing this worthless piece of trash masquerading as a film.

I was just beginning to doubt myself on the value of our bad movie segments on the radio. Are we really providing a valuable public service?  Are we really saving people from wasting their money? Are we saving humanity from intolerable pain and disgustingly bad movies?  The answer is now clear :  HELL YES  WE ARE !

The plot of this film is more bogus than anything that has come down the movie pike in years. Prince Fabious’s (Franco) bride is kidnapped, he goes on a quest to rescue her… accompanied by his clueless and oversexed brother,  Thadeous (McBride). They encounter Isabel (Portman) and engage in lots of vulgar, tasteless and unfunny humor.  That’s pretty much it.  I sat next to a young  military guy who also walked out. In his words “that was just stupid.”

I  laughed once…well smirked in the beginning at a moderately amusing scene of an attempted hanging of Thadeous by a bunch of dwarfs. From there,  it went down hill very fast. Take your ten dollars and buy a beer instead.