TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Samuel Jackson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Michael Sheen

I decided to recommend this film as an off the shelf  DVD because I am pretty sure it never made it to many movie theatres.  A great film perhaps not.  But a  good psychological thriller should make you think. This movie made me think, a lot.

Jackson plays  a secret CIA interrogator Harold Humphries (‘H”),  who is enlisted to press a suspected terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear bombs set to detonate in three cities across the country.

Do we torture an Islamic nutball who claims to have planted the nukes? How far will we go? How far will humanity allow us to go? If it was your family about to be vaporized, would you have any limits?  In the face of such a real threat, does political correctness really come in to play at all?  Does the Geneva Convention matter?  Do we really care about civil rights or the constitution?   TMG suggests if a nuke is about to go off near my family, I would actively support any medieval technique on the suspect, perhaps even  his family.  I would rule nothing out. I think you can justify  trading off your humanity for a few hours or days to save countless lives.  Of course, I would first volunteer to trade in Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, George Soros or Harry Reid as an appetizer. Afterall, it is because of these wimps we have terrorists in the first place. Just my opinion. [Want to hear me carry on an intellectual rant about why MY OPINION and YOUR OPINION  matter? Listen to the first segment from our November 20, 2010 show.]

Great writing and great dialogue make this movie. They make every movie. Sure there is some cheese tossed in.  TMG does not believe any FBI agent is as slow to come around to reality as Agent Helen Brody (Carrie Anne Moss). There is not alot of chasing and action in this movie–the action is left all in your head.  There is a great deal of  gross and implied torture of a dimension I hate to even think about.  Leave the kiddos and weak of heart downstairs playing bowling on the family Wii console. This is a very real movie about a very real issue and problem we face in 2010.  I congratulate the producers for getting us used to the idea.