TMG Scale 8.0     P Factor 0.0     MPAA Rating: PG-13
Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli  – new stars we all now know quite well!

Well, strawberry fruit smoothies in a styrofoam cup through a straw will never be quite the same for me.  But other than that, this movie delivered for the Twilight franchise.

This installment had more humor and just had a different feel to it overall. The plot is simple and no spoiler because it has been hyped forever. Bella (Stewart)  and Edward (Pattinson)  get married. Bella gets pregnant with…well something, and it may kill her if Jacob (Lautner) and his  clan of wolves doesn’t do it first. But which side will Jacob take? The Edward, Bella and Jacob love triangle remains very much alive. The teaser comes at the end. Will Bella survive? Clue: This is Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Enough said.

We are treated to a very cool wedding scene and some reall creepy dreams Bella has on the eve of becoming immortal.  The big question emerges is can you have sex with a vampire before being bitten by one. This certainly is a question that has plagued teen girls and the Catholic Church for generations. I am quite certain, given the right circumstances, few guys really gave it much thought or care. Hence, why this film seems to appeal to teenage girls more than anyone. TMG and many “older guys” secretly admit this saga has some appeal to them. We are probably afraid or too embarrassed to admit why. Maybe the fascination of vampires and wolves traces to many old Boy Scout campfire stories or some latent desire to really bite a girl on the neck.  I don’t know. The film is well made and edited.

The confrontation between Jacob’s clan of wolves and Edward’s vampires at the lumberyard is captivating and exciting. Facinelli returns again as the patriarch of the vamps as Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  Serious viewer warning: The childbirth scenes with Bella are graphic, hugely intense and not pretty. I think many young girls may take as a cue to never have a baby. Did I say hugely intense and not pretty? I should say horrific.  TMG even stood back in his chair and muttered some expletives and hoped it all ended soon.  It created some awesome intensity though. I do not recommend this film for young kids.  It should have carried an R rating because of this scene sequence alone.

I think the Director took some cues from this years Bridesmaids. The toasts at the wedding were pretty funny.  A honeymoon setting in Rio is certainly a theme we see in a lot of movies.  Where ever that private island and honeymoon cottage really is, I want to stay there sometime—even if it means with a vampire.

All in al,l this movie leaves me satisfied and waiting for Breaking Dawn – Part 2. It is fun, has a story, has action, humor and a major screech/horror element. It is hard to ask for much more from a franchise like this.

Joy Lynn: TMG is a TWI-GUY or TWIHARD as they say. His eyes turned red and his lips purple as soon as the film began.  On the other hand, I am a Twilight virgin.

I have to admit, if I were to pick a franchise to favor, I would say I enjoyed the Twilight movie more than the Harry Potter films having not read either of the books.  It was not absolutely necessary to know the history of the characters to understand the movie.  But, I am a romantic and Twilight’s love story appeals to me. However, I am not surprised Harry Potter movies have drawn a bigger audience and fan base.  I think there are less supernatural  romantics in the world than there are hard core sci-fi fans.  That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

I have no basis to compare this movie, but this film seemed heavy on the love and sexual relationship between Edward and Bella and very little to do with vampires and wolves.  Was this movie suppose to be comedy, a horror flick, or a romantic drama? I was not sure how to react except when Edward injected his venom in Bella’s chest. That was exciting!  I found the acting to be just mediocre. But, for the TWIHARDS, it makes not difference.  They will love the movie anyway.