TMG and Joy Lynn like their visit to The Town—-Ben Affleck’s latest bank robber film—but TMG thinks Rebecca Hall made the movie tick. TMG reminds you ONCE AGAIN to see Hall in Please Give.  TMG says you missed a great one already on the DVD counter with the pulp filmThe Killer Inside Me (2010), the Casey Affleck scorcher that big movie chains seemed afraid to show this year.  Joy Lynn dusts off one of her fav DVD’s from 2007, Things We Lost in The Fire with Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro.  Just in honor of the Affleck brothers, TMG and Joy Lynn remind everyone that the 2003 Gigli (pronounced anyway you wish, as no one cares) was an embarrassing moment for the Affleck family. Max the movie buff  is back at dinner with Art and Joy Lynn along with cool dude Cameron, our Army vet back from Afghanistan. Dinner talk ranges from the Casy Affleck hoax film  about Joaquin Phoenix in this years I’m Still Here to Cameron’s affection for the Resident Evil seriesEveryone toasts and roasts the Affleck brothers, but TMG remains a huge fan of both. Plus salute to Marceline, Missouri—-Walt Disney’s boyhood home, tribute to fallen star Harold Gould, the movie trivia challenge and more.