TMG and Joy Lynn face off on The Social Network…and announce their own updated Facebook page. Become a fan of Art The Movie Guy and Joy Lynn and join our guest pool. Mark Zuckerberg may just be the next world czar!   Joy Lynn picked Lars and The Real Girl (2007) for this weeks off the shelf DVD. TMG sees  a growing ‘Lars cult’  but thinks real mental illness is not to be taken lightly. TMG warns you to not invite vampires into your house nor waste your time going to visit them in the latest blood lust film, Let Me In.  He implores Hollywood to give the incredibly gifted Chloe Moretz a decent role someday soon.  Max is back again as our newest Super Guest—you’ll be hearing more from Max on future shows.   Plus we salute Los Alamos, New Mexico and all its beauty despite its creepy appearance in Let Me In; tribute to fallen star Tony Curtis; the movie trivia challenge and more.