TMG and Joy Lynn advise you to visit  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  Michael Douglas and Gordon Gecko are back better than ever. Joy Lynn also pushes a trip to Bruges, Belgium and rental  stop by to pick up the 2008 Colin Farrell dark comedy, In Bruges. It is not just your average international assassin movie. TMG warns you of the new  ‘fakeumentary ‘ genre being spawned by  Catfish. While writer/producers, the Schulman brothers are working on the edge and show promise, this film might have been better as a 30 minute short for college film class.  Lucy Ann, our favorite guest returns once more.  Dinner time talk is a fillet and gutting of  Catfish to find the real meat, uh..or is it fish? Everyone toasts Michael Douglas for his outstanding work over the years.   Plus we salute  Ishpeming, Michigan to resurrect its tainted image from Catfish; tribute to fallen star Gloria Stuart from Titanic fame; the movie trivia challenge and more.