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TMG and Joy Lynn find some redemption in the latest prison film of the fall in Conviction. We both have it a full point higher than Stone.  Watch for the caparisons between Sam Rockwell and Ed Norton. This week we finally featured a few more animated and kid films.  We brought Monsters Inc. back to life from 2001—a whole generation of kids may have missed it and we just love this Pixar masterpiece for kids and adults alike.  We bring in our 5th grader  “experts”—Sydney and Madison to explain The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. TMG sent Joy Lynn to take the girls and Joy was just lost.  We discuss wild man Sam Rockwell in our star talk segment. We pay tribute to fallen star James Gordon (“Book em Danno”) McArthur; we salute Ayer, Massachusetts as featured in Conviction; kids movie  trivia with Sydney and Madison and more!