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Listen in while Joy Lynn and TGM debate TSA airport security. Why? Because everyone else is and TMG likes to rant about things that bother the movies and out. Then hear them both brag on a great Thanksgiving week DVD, The Family Stone (2005). The ultimate in a dysfuntionally functional family “home for the holidays” film. Russell Crowe is our star of the week and right in time for the release of The Next Three Days. It’s the latest and best of the “get my spouse out of prison” films of the season. Both TMG and Joy Lynn think Sean Penn probably whined and paid just to appear in another anti-Bush film, Fair Game. TMG suggests if you want that much fiction, rent the much better film, Nothing but the Truth (2008) with Matt Dillon and Alan Alda..  We salute the bucolic Mt. Dora, Florida—scene of the 1981 Teri Garr bomb, Honky Tonk Freeway. It is also the nicest town in Florida according to TMG; we pay tribute to fallen star, Hollywood actor, director, producer William Edwin Self;  Movie trivia with guests Mitch and Stacy, and much more.