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TMG just raves over Unstoppable with Denzel but not before he rants about everyone being entitled to their opinion with apology to no one.  Joy Lynn liked Unstoppable but thought it was a bit unrealistic and over the top.  TMG just says “Hey…It’s Hollywood!”  We both canned Morning Glory. TMG suggests if you want to see something so cute, go to your local pet shop and look at labrador puppies. Big name actors cannot save terrible writing. Art is just taken in by the political and human implications of Unthinkable-–his off the shelf DVD pick of the week with Samuel Jackson.  Would you water board a terrorist to save your family?  TMG does not even hesitate with his answer.   Actor, Director, Producer Jeff East join Art & Joy and reflects upon Superman (1978) and his varied career in television, with Disney, and in many great films. We salute Walbridge, Ohio, home of the original Unstoppable train; we pay tribute to fallen star, Hollywood producer Dino DeLaurentis and special tribute to new Medal of Honor winner, Salvatore Giunta;  Movie trivia and much more.