TMG Scale 6.5     MPAA Rating: R
Starring Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney

Predictable. Over acted. A little corny at times. But TMG was willing to overlook the obvious flaws and just go along for the ride, …er uh wreck,…plane wreck. It kept my attention and knocked me out of my seat a few times. I am pretty  certain Neeson put in his time on this film in between tennis games and trips to Quick Trip. Neeson could do twenty films like this in his sleep and make us his own dialogue as he goes. But again, I liked it. It was fun. No Oscar for Liam but no Razzie either.

The movie is total formula. A bunch of roughnecks from an oil rig board a plane out of the Alaska wilderness.  The plane crashes.  A few struggle to survive the cold, the snow, lack of food and certainly each other’s obnoxious personalities and body odor. Then along comes Taylor Lautner….oops grey arctic wolves…they just look like Lautner from leftover Twilight Saga clips. The wolves stalk and kill them one off one by one while the men (and I use that term loosely) infight over who is in charge.  Many hard glares are exchanged and philosophic references made about…well…I have no idea really/ This is  the kind of film that Richard Widmark and Richard Basehart would have starred had it been made in 1960. It was made to be rerun on rainy Saturday mornings.

If you like gritty stories of survival and disappointed the Twilight series has stalled, you may like this film. Try it.