TMG Scale 7.5  We recommend any DVD if it hits 7.0 or better
Starring Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear

This film begins with a chance encounter between two very different men.  One is a hit man who facilitates fatalities named Julian Noble (Pierce Brosnan – 007 James Bond type guy) on assignment in Mexico City. He has no friends or family and no place to call home. The other is Danny Wright,(Gary Kinnear- Remember Little Miss Sunshine from 2006). Danny is  an optimistic nice guy but deeply worried about his future if he loses his next contract. He has also lost a son and is fearful his wife is loosing faith in him. The comedy begins as Julian decides to open up to Danny about what he does for a living. The relationship starts with an awkward conversation at the hotel bar. It is one of those situations where you really don’t know if you want to chat with the guy next to you or not.  Most working road warriors can relate.   Danny finds that walking quickly to his room would probably a better plan but he is intrigued by Julian’s charm, or lack thereof. Complications soon arise.

This is a wacky sort of twisted comedy about a hit man where no real violence is displayed. This is a film more about friendship than anything else.  Nothing terribly exciting happens in this film but you are drawn to the dynamic performance between Brosnan and Kinnear.  Brosnan delivers some very crass lines that are witty and down right funny at times. Kinnear plays such a likable straight man and Brosnan plays such a likable hit man, the combination of the two makes for a fun experience.  Think of this film as more of a In Bruges Light (2008). [Note: TMG and Joy Lynn discussed it back on the October 2, 2010 Broadcast .]

Because of the frequent politically incorrect lines Brosnan spits out on a regular basis this film is not for everyone. This is not an action film or a late night film. The tempo is rather slow and after awhile seems to get slower.  But, despite the tempo and the title, (it sounded like a Mexican, bullfighting film)  this is a DVD worth renting.  The ending will surprise you. It’s worth the wait.