TGM Scale 9.0
Starring Casy Affleck, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Ned Beatty

Rolling Stone Magazine called this film “a scorcher.”  TMG agrees.  Casey Affleck should get a best actor nomination.

Affleck plays an early 1950’s deputy sheriff in a small town in west Texas.  Women get beat up—and that is a gross understatement. People get killed.  Is the handsome, cool as a cucumber , young town deputy there to help?  Is he a natural born serial killer?  Or is he just a conflicted man that drops a screw loose and discovers the killer inside himself?  Does he plan things or just grow to enjoy killing and getting away with it?
One of the eerie elements of this film is Affleck’s unwavering voice and vocal manner throughout.  A young deputy that presents as the home town boy done good or a monster of unimaginable violence, his voice and persona remain strong, solid and straight.  He is unflappable.  He curiously does not carry a gun.  It appears suggestive that police officers are not dangerous because they carry guns, but because they carry almost a sacred  presumption of the law,  trust and order.   What’s worse?  A cop walking around with a loaded Colt 44 and an itchy finger for the bad guys or an unarmed cop who is the bad guy?

Killer Inside Me really does not focus so much on the killer inside the cop, but the killer inside the boy next door.  The fact that he is a deputy sherrif, just makes his persona just a tad more creepy. It more explores the culture of 1950’s rural small towns than law enforcement.

This release could have easily drawn an X-rating and most certainly no one under 17 should even be allowed to see it.  It is not pornographic, though it has disturbing kinky and violent sex.  It is just disturbing.  A fully mature adult mind is needed to sort through it and appreciate what TMG thinks the writers and director were trying to get across.

A masterpiece of a film and acting, but not a film for the masses. It did not make the major theatre chains likely due to the violence against women.  But if you appreciate great film making and a dark look into the illusion of a normal man, this film is for you.