Starring Bradley Cooper (OK Heather Graham is in there and a host of other semi known character actors…even Mike Tyson has role in this one)
TMG Scale 8.0

A real surprise.  A genuine comedy.  OK, so its perhaps more of a “guy movie” but many women will find it equally hilarious.  It is so tempting to give away the funny scenes but TMG does not do that. I had very low expectations loading this film up on a flight from Washington DC to Kansas City. How could a movie about some relatively second tier (I won’t say second rate because this movie made me a big fan of Brad Cooper—he’s not quite Mathew McConaughey but comes close.  Sure this film has its share of gratuitous sex, potty humor and just plain silliness but I laughed out loud more than just a few times.

An overnight trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party by a few wedding buddies and the bride’s odd brother might usually make for a forgotten, B grade movie of guys whooping it up and urinating into a swimming pool. Unfortunately this movie included the latter for no apparent reason and had no need to stoop that expected low.  What saved this movie was very good writing, scenes you would not predict and the immensely varied characters.  It has no real moral unless it stressed for one last time to grooms to be that it is best to hold your bachelor party at least a week before your wedding. Hollywood can teach lessons even at this low level and TMG are certainly wished he had benefitted from this gem of wisdom in time.  The film did not even need the half-second shot of Heather Graham’s bare boobs but if it helps give a reason to see this film, TMG is happy to throw that cheap tease in.  Putting in a subplot with Mike Tyson is just funny period but it was not done unwittingly.

This is not a film for Grandma.  While your 17-year-old son may well have watched it in the neighbor’s basement along with Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, most parents will be glad they skipped watching this one alongside him. TMG is just glad someone in Hollywood is still a regular guy and can write funny stuff.