Starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals
TMG Scale 8.0

OK. This movie should get a lesser rating as it is a sort of The Day After/The Bourne Identity mix meets Mad Max. What saves it from a lower rating is the underlying messages and themes and provocative thought and of course the incredible skill and mesmerizing acting of Denzel Washington.  TMG says movie critics go too far and give away important themes in movies so I will stop there.  Go see it yourself.  This is not a movie for Grandma and frankly I think most (not all) young and middle age soccer moms will be a bit disenchanted  if not,  non-plussed with you for taking them to this movie on date night. Its graphic nature will limit its feminine appeal.  Dads, this is not one for your under 14 year olds either.  It’s a serious movie with a serious message and no lack of action, thrill and drama. It has couple of odd plot holes.  TMG challenges readers to write him and see if they found them and agree.   I had no clue Jennifer Beals was in this till I read the credits and unless you are a real Beals fan (Is anyone? …well they might be now) you had no clue either.  When I looked,  I was amazed how much she had done since Flashdance in 1983. Where has the Movie Guy been?  This movie is a good ride. Enjoy it.