Starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw (yeah the country western singer)
TMG Scale 9.0

The only thing that kept this great film from earning the coveted TMG 10 rating is that the screenplay could have been written in five minutes on a bar napkin.  But it gets a 9.0 because Director John Lee Hancock sewed a simple human story into a master quilt that leaves everyone inspired, teary eyed and wanting to adopt the next poor and misunderstood child they see.  Based upon the true life Michael Oher from homeless high schooler to NFL great lineman (still playing) for the Baltimore Ravens, it is inspiring without any schlock.   Take your 12 year old, take your mother, take your wife, take a homeless child off the street and go see this film.  Sure it was kind of like watching Rudy all over again. But what is wrong with watching Rudy all over again?