TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper

Pure fun. TMG fondly recalls the original TV series upon which this film is based. This movie version is much better. TMG’s friend Wendy took her teenage sons and said they all enjoyed it.   But not all moms take Tae Kwon Do and spend their days on boats and at baseball games with a houseful of teenage boys. Wendy lives it. Lots of of suburban moms might find it too much video game style, testosterone driven guy stuff. Decide for yourself.

If you have no clue or are too young to recall, The A-Team is a bunch of make believe military misfits who were unfairly court martialed and jailed. They run around  the world like Robin Hood doing good and killing bad guys while expending lots of ammo in totally unbelievable scenarios.  This film has tons of action.  No gun, bullet or military grade explosive or airplane was spared.  It was actually quite funny and TMG laughed out load at a number funny scenes and lines.

This film will never make the final cut for the  Oscars and TMG assumes none at the Academy will ever come near it. TMG thinks  there should be a category entitled “Cheap Saturday Afternoon Blow It Up Film.” If there were, The A-Team would go home with more gold than Mr. T wore around his neck in the original TV series.

Moms and Dads have nothing to worry about.  There are a few political undertones on military ineptness, but we are all used to that.  Hollywood loves to make military films but they rarely show what incredibly talented, smart and brave  people our men and women in uniform really are.  Sure, there is lots of violence, but probably less than kids see in downtown Detroit on any given day.  If this film had any sex, nudity, offensive ideas, or worse, cheap exploitation of children like in Kick Ass, TMG did not notice.

Rest assured, you can send your young teens out with the older teens and let them have fun.  Dads will be glad to tag along…..and so will fun moms like Wendy.