TMG Scale 6.5
Starring no one you have ever heard of..but namely Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor and others.

I cannot recommend this Indie (as in Indian,  not independent)  and subtitled film to everyone, but if you want to try something a bit different, you won’t be too disappointed.  As a comedy, it was far funnier than Cedar Rapids or Your Highness,  even though it was all spoken in Hindi. The breakout music and dance scenes are very cool. And the women are exceptionally hot.

Three buddies Raj, Yogi and Vikram are all three married but compulsive womanizers.  They are content because they think their wives have no clue about their escapades.  Raj’s wife, Sanjana begins to suspect her husband and hires a detective who specializes in extra-marital relationships, Kishan (Kumar) to tail him. Kishan is smitten with Sanjana and exposes the men,  but starts playing all sides of the various affairs. It gets very difficult to determine just who is on whose side. Only a few things become clear.  One is the guys are all schmucks and crazy because they all have super hot and loving wives. The other is all guys are schmucks in any language and culture.  It’s a universal thing.

The overall messages of the film are several fold.  One is certainly to appreciate your spouse and at least try to be a decent human being.  The other is clearly the old cliche of what a tangled web one can weave when they practice to deceive. Finally, the message is the Apple Computer is so good it can get a product placement for a Mac even in and Indian movie filmed in Vancouver and Toronto. I was impressed.

The film had some genuinely funny, laugh out loud situations and dialogue. It is just straining to enjoy a comedy while reading subtitles. The film clearly slams men as stereotypically uncaring, over sexed slobs who all cheat and lie. But stereotypes all get their start in reality. This was a fun film. I won’t run right out to see the next film coming out of Bollywood, but this effort was certainly a laudable entree for me.

Joy Lynn: This is just a music video with an added storyline or plot with subtitles.  If felt confusing and abstract at times.  Those with select hearing may have the ability to block out the sound of voices while reading subtitles. I found it extremely irritating to try and read comedy subtitles while voices blare in a foreign language.  It takes away from the viewing experience for me.

I agree with TMG, the music, dancing and attractive women provide good entertainment, but I can get that on MTV any day of the week, thank you.