Starring Amy Adams, Alan Arkin, Emily Blunt
TMG Scale 8.5

Think of films like Little Miss Sunshine, Little Children and All the Beautiful Girls. Ok, right.  You never saw those just like you probably missed this true gem in the rough. You just can hardly tell someone the base plot of this movie and expect him or her to go watch it. I would liken it to the guy who had to sell the screenplay for Michael with John Travolta. I still think Michael is one of the most under rated films of this past twenty years. “uh, er OK we are going to have a very overweight John Travolta travel across the Midwest as Michael the Archangel with real feather wings while being interviewed and documented by a tabloid newspaper.”  How that one ever got passed the doorway is hard to fathom. But the movie worked due to incredible acting, a great and unique story and impeccable directing.  So does Sunshine cleaning. This film is touching while making you uneasy and feeling a bit guilty about the struggles of single Moms and perhaps what you used to feel were oddballs or social outcasts. The nexus of a defunct ex cheerleader but tenaciously loving single mom that cleans up murder scenes next to over compensated suburban soccer moms is near allegorical genius in this film. Watch for the subtle little scene with Amy Adams and the elderly woman on her front and then email me about how you were moved and inspired. Sunshine Cleaning sort of takes the old cliché that when life serves you lemons, make lemonade to another level.  Watch this movie with your spouse, long time significant other or close friend