TMG Scale 3.0
Starring Scott Glenn…and just what was he thinking?

This was the most disjointed movie I have seen since Rain Fall (2009) in a Gary Oldham flub. And what was Scott Glenn thinking or drinking when he agreed to put his reputation on the line for this film? My first clue in this movie was going to be one step shy of fish wrap was that one of the lead women was named “Rocket.”  In the history of film, never has a successful movie had a woman  named “Rocket” in it.  Maybe a dog, but not a woman lead. Baby Doll, Sweet Pea and Blondie were the others.  Need I say more?

Frankly, I don’t think this film will even appeal to the 13 year-old boy gamer crowd for which it was clearly targeted.  Even 13 year-old male nerds have standards. This movie is a video game fantasy idea of hot women in tight leathers shooting big guns. Then,  they tried to spin a movie around it. They failed. No credit here for even trying.

This movie demonstrates once again how a major Hollywood studio like Warner Brothers gets some cool new video and editing technology and can’t wait to just use it…and over use it.  How many movies have used the slobbering, small faced  alien with spiky teeth?  How many used the molten man thing like in The Terminator? Once Hollywood video geeks learned to clone armies by the tens of thousands, it was used everywhere. And, today, we have the 3D craze. Rule No. 1 of movie making, you have to start with a good story.  This film had no story. It is not worth your time or mine to really try.  Readers Digest might say, “Hottie abused by mean stepfather dreams of killing all men.” Okay. We can all now gladly move on.