Starring:  No one at all
TMG Scale  5 (and being generous)

This may well be the most over rated film of 2008,  if not the decade.  TMG refers to fans of this uninspired snoozer as “Slumdoggers.”  You cannot just take a ridiculous screenplay concept from a worn out Regis Philbun TV show and craft into something worthwhile just by mixing in poor slum kids from India.  This film creates a truly jejune genre for film.  OK the cinematography was excellent but that cannot save a  totally dumb and uninspired plot and only fair acting into a good movie. Someone tag lined this movie as “What does it take to find a lost love?” I think the tag line should have better read “What does it take to get my money back?” The fact this film received 8 Oscars only demonstrates how the Academy of Motion Pictures is just out of touch with everything but themselves.  Best thing about the film is the dance scene at the very end during the credits.  Of course the dance scene had zero to do with the movie and TMG worries such cheap tricks will become standard in future films.