TMG Scale 4.0

Starring Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin…and seriously, no one else…like seriously.

You should seek immediate therapy if over 21 and you enjoyed this film. TMG certainly wants you to write and explain how or why you would find this film understandable, let alone entertaining. If you did, TMG will get you a therapist such as R. Lee Ermey who will immediately slap you awake and advise you to get a life.

TMG really likes Michael Cera. This man/boy proved himself in Juno and hit another high in Superbad. One has to wonder though if he can evolve once he matures, has to shave and act like a man. Scott Pilgrim was not an evolution for Cera, but more of a childish misstep.  I can grant some limited acknowledgment to “I haven’t produced anything worth crap yet,” Director Edgar Wright.  Wright was innovative incorporating the concept of texting into film. However, being innovative is never enough. Airplane cars were very innovative. Plot? Storyline? Character development? Apparently these are trivial details when trying to simply appeal to 15 year olds. [TMG wonders if even young teens liked this flick?]

Cera plays Scott Pilgrim, a 22-year-old loser in an awful rock band. He grows tired of his darling, but only 17-year-old girlfriend named “Knives Chau.” [Is this name a racist Asian joke, or just a really cool name?]  Pilgrim makes a pitch for the latest pink haired, hottie in the hood.  To win her over, he must defeat seven (maybe it was more or less, I quite caring way too early) of her ex boyfriends in mortal combat.  The problem is the lover wars occur in silly dreamscape sequences. In other words, they don’t happen.  A fair deal I suppose.  The audience walks into this film with nothing (well, ten bucks maybe), and leaves with nothing but memories of the adorable Michael Cera.  TMG is certain he heard a few adults actually say “Michael Cera is so adorable. I hope he is in something good next time.”

Michael, take heart.  Your fans love you and will cut you some slack.  George Clooney spent two hours last year staring at goats and we forgave him. You are 22 now.  It is okay now to act your age. TMG kudos to Kieran Culkin who played one of Pilgrim’s gay roommates.  Culkin showed depth and ability despite being stuck in an overly juvenile movie. By the way, this film was not really Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, it was Scott Pilgrim vs. Sleep.  Sleep won.