TMG Scale  10    That’s  a TEN folks
Starring: Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt

This movie is way under rated by the most all the film critics. Maybe if Director Ridley Scott had placed an episode of Who Wants to be a  Millionaire Archer somewhere in the backwoods of Sherwood Forest,  the critics might have been more smitten.  It certainly worked for a half baked film like Slumdog Millionaire.

TMG prays Russell Crowe can keep his personal life on the straight and level so he can act in more movies like this for the rest of his life.  Movies like A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander or Gladiator.  Crowe is one the greatest actors of our time and this movie shows you why.  Whether Robin Hood was partially a real character or just all mythical legend matters none.  Crowe made him very real and believable.  TMG bought it, hook, line and crossbow.  Cate Blanchett is no second fiddle mind you as Maid Marion.  She demonstrated women can be tough, intelligent, sexy and loving without having the look and feel of a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader (not that there is even one thing wrong with the latter mind you).   William Hurt is back in his finest form.  TMG could gush on.

Unlike many cheaply shot films of late like Iron Man II, this movie has masterful scenery and cinematography. Was it historically accurate for the times? TMG has no idea but then again, who cares.? I don’t really know the history of the year 1200 England and few others do either.  The detail certainly appeared accurate. The scenery seemed very real. Anything they faked in this film was hard to tell. I felt I was there.

Finally a real ten. A Masterpiece.  Simple as that. TMG says take your wife, take your date, take the family. Take a day off work. Run, do not walk to your nearest theatre to see this film.   Make sure you stay to the very end and through the final credits. They deserve more than honorable mention.