TMG Scale 8.0
Starring Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Josh Lucas

TMG: Why on earth did this movie go straight to DVD?  Everyone I know missed this amazing and well done thriller from last year.  Creepy as all get out.

Joy Lynn: This movie had holes in it, but is suspenseful and intriguing nonetheless.

The best part of this movie is truly John Skillpa played by Cillian Murphy. John is a bank clerk who is living his adult life in Peacock, Nebraska with a psychological disorder that allows him to function with multiple personalities. In his secret world,  he is both Emma and John Skillpa.  A train wreck in his backyard threatens to reveal his secret to the neighbors and townspeople.  Really?  A train derailment in his backyard?  I think something a bit more credible would have been a better choice. Regardless, the train wreck does actually weave into the film as campaign medium for the upcoming governors election, so I suppose there was some thought behind the decision. It just didn’t work for me.

John and Emma are at odds with each other as the movie progresses. John having fathered a child because his abusive mother forced him to have sex with a young women named Maggie (Page) brings in another element of the film that keeps you guessing. Page looks and acts much like she did in her role in Juno (2007). At times, she has the exact same expressions, hairstyle and mannerisms.  John becomes more and more stressed as the townspeople pry in to his life. Notable roles by Susan Sarandon and Bill Pullman tie the story together. Finally, Emma rids herself of her masculine personality (and a great ruse to get rid of John)  and makes the transformation to a woman complete .  You will need to watch the movie to figure out how!  It’s not something you will expect.

Not a lot happens in this film, but the music and mood make you feel exhausted after watching it.

TMG: Oh Joy Lynn you just did not get into the psychology of all this. Viewers should forgive the minor faults and just be creeped out by John. It is more creepy because you sort of like Emma. Messages in this film? Well,  maybe be careful about trying to pick up a woman with heavy eyebrows. Just enjoy this on a rainy Friday night. Great writing and great acting is rarely found in films like this. Be prepared to be disturbed and spooked a bit.