TMG Scale 0.0 minus 100
Starring no one.

Clearly the worst excuse for a “movie” I have ever endured.  I would watch Poke’mon (1998) or Muppet Treasure Island (1996) a thousand times before ever seeing this totally bogus excuse for a movie again.  This was just an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

Lawsuits should be filed for ripping off consumers with this movie.  Attorney General’s should demand huge fines against any distributor or exhibitor of this film.  Congress should hold hearings on consumer abuse.  Charges should be filed. The producers should be shot, hung and then tortured for this total farse and total misrepresentation of a film.  It’s more painful than two hours of your neighbor’s worst home movies. TMG is a bit prone to slight exaggeration. But not this time.

If you relish watching video surveillance film of a house with nothing going on, this film is for you. One hour into this film and all you see is the same kitchen, the same entry hall, the same bedroom and countless shots of an automatic pool cleaner.  I thought maybe this was a training film for security guards on how to stare for hours at totally monotonous security cameras without going totally bonkers.  I was wrong.  They were trying to pass this worthless piece of junk off as a movie.

There was nothing remotely scarey, realistic or meaningful in this film. Literally everyone in the theatre I attended got up, booed and expressed disgust. The glutton for punishment that I am, I went back and watched the original Paranormal Activity from 2007. I had not seen it and thought, surely the original had something more to offer. Not the case.  I just could not believe anyone would allow them to make a second fraud masquerading as a commercial movie.

The absolute worst excuse for a motion picture film ever. If a student of mine produced this for a high school film class I would have given it an F. My dog produces more worthy material everynight in the backyard.  You don’t even want to know how I really feel.