You have no idea about the Oscars or good movies until you check with us! We are the movie fan’s choice…and we are watching out for you.…even on sabbatical !  We saw them all in 2011 !

Should be: The Help
If they could give two: The Descendants
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Hugo
Questionable Nomination: Midnight in Paris  — fun movie but no Oscar!

Should be:  George Clooney, The Descendants
If they could give two:  George Clooney, The Descendants
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Demián Bichir in A Better Life
Questionable Nomination: Jean Dujardin in The Artist

Should be:  Christopher Plummer, Beginners
If they could give two: Jonah Hill, Moneyball
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Max von Sydow in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Questionable Nomination: Nick Nolte, The Warrior

Should be: Viola Davis, The Help
If they could give two: Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
If they could give three:
Michelle Wiliams, My Week with Marilyn
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Glenn Close, Albert Knobbs  Hollywood loves Glenn no matter what!
Would not surprise me: Meryl Streep, Iron Lady  Hollywood loves Meryl no matter what!

Should be: Jessica Chastain, The Help
If they could give two: Octavia Spencer, The Help
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids  For what? Crapping and farting on screen?
Worst Nomination ever: Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids I’ll just puke—she did. 
Why Not? Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids  Funniest movie of the year and she was incredible!

Should be: Rango
If they could give two: Puss in Boots
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Chico and Rita
Questionable Nomination: Kung Fu Panda 2

Who really cares and the requirements for this award are vague. Get a beer and pizza during this nomination

Should be: The Artist…just for pure originality
If they could give two: War Horse
If they could give three: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Harebrained Academy Possibility: The Tree of Life….this move was awful
Questionable Nomination: The Tree of Life….this move was beyond awful and boring

Should be: The Artist
Will be: The Artist
Harebrained Academy Possibility: Anonymous….
was so anonymous no one saw it
Questionable Nomination: W.E.
no one ever saw it or heard of it

Should be: The Descendants, Alexander Payne
If they could give two: Midnight in Paris. Not a hugely great film but was fun and Woody Allen at his best.
Harebrained Possibility: The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick. —This move was really awful and painful to sit through.
Going to get it:  Hugo, Martin Scorsese is the toast of tinseltown now.
Questionable Nomination: The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick. He went way too far.

None of the nominees deserving this year.
Art’s Choice:  Buck 
Nuremberg would be my second choice but not sure what year they count this film in. I think they counted it in 2010 but did not see many theatres until 2011

Foreign Language, Makeup, Original Score, Original Song, Animated Short film and Live Action Short Film because no one really cares that much.

Joy Lynn asks why was Drive and Ryan Gosling so overlooked?  I agree !  What about Ides of March? Ides is a must see for 2011.
More to come ….