Starring John Travolta and Robin Williams
TMG Scale 1.0

How can you take one of my favorite guys of all time, John Travolta and pair him one of the best comics of the ages, Robin Williams and produce one of the most boring and unfunny movies of the decade?  I really have no clue.

I thought this would be a Wild Hogs sort of light hearted and amusing easy to watch movie. Even my 86 year old mother put it right “You know, that wasn’t very good…or even funny.”  Mom, hardly one ever prone to understatement, was right on. TMG prides himself on suggesting on most films to “Go see it yourself.”  Trust me. Pick up a magazine on antique bubble gum machine repair or go dig up black market  Al Gore sex tape video because both would prove spellbinding compared to this film. If you found one funny line or one unpredictable moment in this flick, please point it out.

Two guys ala Ben & Jerry, trying to expand their business while taking over the care of two young kids is the base plot. It went downhill from there.  Travolta and Williams emerge unscathed but only in the same sense that exophagy survives as a noble practice.  If you are looking for something with more inspiration or amusement tonite, I suggest you go pass a gallstone.  Other than that, I thought this film was great.