TMG Scale 4.0
Starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster and a few, brief  moments of Donald Sutherland

Assassin films are all the rage lately.  This film makes you appreciate the real good ones.

Statham plays professional hitman, Arthur Bishop.  Arthur is certainly a great character name for any film! Foster is Steve Mckenna.  Here is the plot, and I swear I am not making this up.  Arthur takes the assignment to  kill his hitman mentor and good friend, Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland). He feels bad about it, so he takes on his burnout son Steve as his own killer protege. Steve eventually figures out Arthur killed his Dad.  Steve is understandably upset so he tries to kill Arthur.  Arthur apparently feels betrayed so he kills Steve.  That’s it.  Really!  Things blow up and lots of bullets fly in the interim of totally disjointed scenes and characters. As we expect, lots of state of the art Mac computers are mixed in everywhere. One Dell gets slipped in leaving one to speculate that Apple has cut their exclusive fees pending the introduction of the iPad II.

There is no message in this film other than assuring you that professional assassins have no loyalty and will kill or eat their young, their mentors or their best friends…or their best friends sons. Did anyone really need this assurance? About the only character I found appealing or interesting in this film is a Chihuahua dog–also named Arthur.

This is not the real Arthur from the film. But he is cute.

I hope Statham gets better work soon.  “And that’s all I got to say about that.” Forest Gump.