TMG Scale  0.0this film qualifies for a whole new low in ratings.
“Starring” – no one, but Robert DeNiro should be ashamed for appearing.

Pathetic.  Beyond Pathetic. What on earth were DeNiro, Steven Seagal, and Don Johnson doing in this beyond the pale, grotesque film that actually advocates the assasination of United States Senators?  The only realistic element or spec of truth in this film is a drugged out Lindsay Lohan puking in the streets. TMG refuses to discuss the story line or plot for much the same reason I won’t discuss the nuances of a diarrhea swollen elephant defecating at a circus.

TMG sees irresponsible, if not actually criminally offensive films like this so you do not have to. In a week this year where world leaders, if not the world itself, is on the brink of a conniption because some nutball preacher in Florida is threatening to burn a few religious books (and TMG does not defend that), this film goes way out of its way to insult Christianity, grotesquely desecrate a Catholic church and make fun of Catholic nuns.  Yes indeed, what is the world coming to?

TMG has no real problem with the gratuitous violence, racism against white males, or fairly tale political points of view this film oozes. This film just goes way too far from free speech to actually inciting violence against law abiding Americans.  Oliver Stone might even cringe at the conspiracy message that all white Americans are bumbling, uneducated bigots and all Mexicans are drug free, law abiding amigos. Hitler produced milder Nazi propaganda films about the Jews and the Poles. Read your history.

Worthless, childish and racist  Directors like Ethan Martiniz and Robert Rodriguez have no place in Hollywood or in rational political discourse. They could learn much from Director Michael Moore about treating subjects fairly—and I never thought I could actually write that with a straight face.  If someone wants to make a film about the insane politics of  the United State’s ridiculous immigration policies, then fine.  Decent films do much better by providing a balanced view rather than trying to cram totally irrational themes down your throat, especially after cutting your head off with a machete.

TMG would even call Steve Jobs on the carpet for allowing an Apple computer to appear in this film. They don’t have to be in every Hollywood film.  Steve, you have to have some standards or your company will some day be worth less than a “Lisa” computer.

TMG lists Machete as a horror film for “horrific” treatment of humanity, common sense and the vast majority of kind, generous and very tolerant American people.  Run, do not just walk away from any theatre showing this film.  Better yet, demand to have your money refunded for insulting your intelligence.