TGM Scale 7.5  by Joy Lynn
Starring Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson

Seeing the Little Fockers was like going home for the holidays and seeing old friends and family.  It is fun to see characters you know and love again. And, not surprisingly, they are all aging just like the rest of the world. Ben Stiller actually looks better now that he did six years ago in Meet the Fockers. (2004). This is now the third movie in this franchise (the original was Meet the Parents (2000). Art the Movie Guy said he had already had enough!

Little Fockers weaves together some very funny situations involving marriage, raising children, in-laws and friendship. Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) is still intense as ever and Ben Stiller appears once again as a determined and stressed Greg (Gaylord) Focker. It doesn’t take long to find them in scenes where Greg is squirming under the gaze of Jack.  Especially, when Greg decides to supplement his nursing career by moonlighting as a salesman for a “male enhancement” drug.  Expect some goofy and silly humor with sexual innuendos with Barbra Streisand  and Dustin Hoffman returning as Greg Focker’s sex crazed parents.

There are some great scenes of the Focker twins being interviewed at the Early Human School that will no doubt make baby boomer parents chuckle! Another new twist in this movie from the last two is the addition of a hottie drug rep named Andi (Jessica Alba) who makes Pam Focker jealous  and who leaves Jack wondering if his son- in -law Greg can become the Godfocker (head of the family).

Incidentally, I think the movie should have been named “The Godfocker “ instead of Little Fockers.  I found the theater I was in filled with kids under the age of thirteen because this movie was misnamed.  It’s is not a movie for children.

Make sure you stay for the credits and hear Jack on a video conference being played back.  You will love it!