TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz

TMG saw this movie late at night. Maybe a little too late. What can be wrong with an hour and a half of Cameron Diaz?  Tom Cruise is certainly at his best.  But the story  line is pretty hard to follow. Perhaps no one should really care. TMG still gives it a solid 7.0. If you liked Killers, and TMG  did, then this one follows just like, well… like night follows day. Ha!  TMG could not resist that one.

Rogue secret agent type Roy Miller  (Crusie),  has chance encounter (or was it?) with babe June Havens (Diaz of course)  and drags her across the country trying to recover a secret new battery technology.  The names Roy and June sort of tip you off that this is not your ordinary spy movie. Blend up The Pink Panther, Sahara and 007, and you might end up with this movie.  I did not really figure it out but you toss in enough great car chases, bullets and good acting, my popcorn and my  Coca Cola (Unpaid endorsement. But if the folks in Atlanta are listening?) goes down just fine.

Was there any discernible plot?  Any subplot? Any social commentary? Any environmental or political message? Anything to write home about?  No.  And Diaz kept her shirt on the whole time. This film is awash in the  “romantic, comedy, thriller & drama” genre but adds some overt silliness that is on par with scenes from  Airplane. The early fight/kill scenes in the airplane and when Diaz and Cruise are driving the road at night really would make Leslie Nielson a bit jealous. We won’t spoil it for you. I will disclose that  the movie starts in Wichita, Kansas—the true home of rogue and exciting secret agents.

This movie was trivial to say the least but saved by Cruise’s remarkable talents and solid gold charisma. It was just good and decent fun.  Take a date. But avoid going too late at night.