TMG Scale  8.0
Starring Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck, Catherine O’Hara (the “Mom” from Home Alone)

This film is a solid 8.0 on the TMG scale. It is a great Saturday night date film.  Action,  thrills and comedy.  TMG has never been a big Ashton Kutcher fan until now. It appears Kutcher is  starting to mature and finding his stride. His effort in this movie really sold me on his talents.

Kutcher  tries to retire from some secretive and nondescript government hitman employment (let’s just say it is  “Blah, Blah Blah”) when he falls for Katherine Heigl.  Heigl is on the rebound while she vacations in France with her overly doting  Father (Selleck) and her lush of a Mom ( O’Hara). As we have seen many times before, it is a real challenge to retire from being a hitman.

TMG was pleased to see a small supporting role for Martin Mull.  I have not noticed Mull in films or television for years but was amazed when I checked out his filmography. Tom Selleck certainly hit his stride years ago, but his role in this film reminds you why he is so good. However, Catherine O’Hara really stole the laughs.

TMG applauds Hollywood for  making such a fun film. Although, one cannot help but notice the producers brought product endorsements here to a whole new level.  Movie goers expect to see a Mac computer placed  in every film these days, but  Ford, Ferrari,  Doritos, Grey Goose Vodka, and Glock surely ponied up lots of cash as well. I was surprised not to hear Kutcher at some point mention the “Mohawk” carpeting and how nice the “Trane”  airconditioner felt in their new home.  It’s a sign of the today’s economics in movie making . . . and if fits in, TMG doesn’t mind.

Don’t let the title scare anyone away. While the movie has lots of flying bullets and car crashes, I don’t think even the most timid of soccer moms  will be turned off by any of it.  There are plenty of Kutcher smiles and winks and scenes with his shirt off. Fortunately, this film is well balanced between the romance, the thrills and the comedy.

TMG prides himself on not ruining the movie for you like many classic movie reviewers do.  Go see it.  This one has the TMG guarantee!