TMG Scale 8.0    P Factor 1.0
Starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Spacey,  Colin Farrell, Donald Sutherland, Jamie Foxx, Bob Newhart (cameo)… we miss anyone?

Funny, irreverent, a bit nasty and crude but I sure laughed all the way through. Jennifer Anniston has raised the slut bar for Cameron Diaz..but at least no children were sexually molested like in Bad Teacher. This is an adult film with adult humor and it worked exceptionally well. This film will not stunt the growth or morals of any 18 plus year olds, but parents will not (read: should not)  feel comfortable taking or sending a child of any age.

Three guy friends, Nick (Bateman),  Kenny (Day) and Kurt (Sudeikis) have horrible bosses. Nicks has the classic scumbag, work you to death “ass” of a boss played by Spacek at large sales company. Kurt has dream job where the boss and company owner, Jack Pellit (Sutherland) loves him more than his own total jerk of a son Bobby (Farrell). [Farrell is hard to recognize]. Jack dies though and Bobby takes over making Kurt’s life hell. Kenny is a convicted sex offender [for coming out of a bar and  peeing near a school late at night] and has no job options than as a dental assistant to a sex machine of a dentist named Julia Harris (Anniston). Kenny really wants to resist all her very overt sexual advances for sake of his fiance.  Most guys would fail this test in a heartbeat. All three vow to kill their bosses somehow and pursue the trek. They hire Dean (MF) Jones (Foxx) as a murder consultant.  It is all very outrageous adult humor an no child was molested in this film.

On this blazing hot summer of 2011, I was just glad to spend the afternoon in a dark and frosty movie theatre. My expectations were only not to sweat or die of heat stroke.  To really laugh was a great bonus. I was also quite relieved not to have to don 3D glasses for a change.  3D can be awesome, but good old 2D is just fine with me when it is 106 degrees out.  I did learn to never respond to an advertisement involving “wet work.”  Trust me, it has nothing to do with swimming pools or boating.  This film was also a landmark in that it featured the first ever prodict placement for an iPad in it.  Gratuitous Apple computer placements in films are almost legendary. I am not sure why it took so long to work in an iPad. it was terrific to see Bob Newhart get a cameo at the end of the film, even if only as a TOF. Make sure you stay for the credits and bloopers

I don’t think there are any real morals or messages in this film. Perhaps just the opposite. Nick says “The key to success is to take sh-t from everyone.” What else? If your boss is a smoking hot dentist,  better be prepared to shag her? If your boss is truly enough of a scum bag, shooting them is acceptable?  Murder might be the solution to happiness?  No problem, no sweat. This is just a funny film for adults. Suggestion: Don’t take your teen age child to see this film. [TMG accidentally took his office staff to see the Clive Owen/Julia Roberts film Closer in 2004 for a Christmas outing.  Ouch!]