TMG Scale 5.0 and being generous
Starring Saorise Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett

This movie held my attention. But for what real purpose I have no idea. The acting was certainly superior. Little Saorise (pronounced “Seersha” as far as we can tell) Ronan represents a whole new breed on par with types of super kids like Chloe Moretz. The settings were cool and the plot uber complex and weird.  Perhaps in a week like this, we find a movie like Win Win so much more appealing. We live in a  weird,  screwed up and wild world. Escapism is often a retreat to the simple and bucolic. This movie is anything but simple and bucolic.

We often compare one movie to anther to sort of place the plot in your mind. Netflix does this to a masterful level by a complex software that compares your likes and tastes for one movie in order to suggest another. Hanna is kind of like Bourne Identity (2002) but with a young girl. A young girl trained in deathly combat can creates lots of chaos. This film will appeal to the Sucker Punch crowd.

A rogue CIA project to genetically produce superior soldiers for warfare sort of ran amuck and had to be shut down. It was Marissa’s (Cate Blanchet) baby—almost literally. Marissa is a super tough CIA operative who  has to tie up loose ends. That means hunting down one last remaining offspring of this genetic program and terminate her with extreme prejudice. That latter reference is not made in this movie,  but if you have seen many CIA type thrillers, you get the idea.

The problem is her Dad, Eric Heller (Bana) has been hiding Hanna out in the deep woods somewhere with his last child and training her for the day when she has to survive on her own and either kill or be killed. The movie can be amusing and touching at times…and downright shocking at others. Hanna wants to be a young girl and explore the world of love, music and friends. On the other hand, Hanna is one little spit you don’t want to mess with. We need fear the day a real Hanna grows up and has a bad case of PMS.  At some point, I am actually cheering her on and wonder why the United States would ever terminate such a wildly successful program? If we had an army of Hanna’s, no third world crazies, or even first class superpower, would ever mess with us.

This movie is certainly way above the child exploitative film Kick Ass (2010). I am just not sure where this next step in man killing-woman films takes us.