TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively…hmmm anyone else??? Stars? No

I kind of squirm when rating all these sci-fi, comic book, super hero  films. I readily admit,  they are not tops of my film genre list. All said, this one was better than most of late. It had a feel more akin to Superman.  A young man ordained by another planet to do good and save the earth. He falls for a beautiful girl.  Military contractors are made to look like scumbags.  A little comedy here and there.  Some solid messages of hope were woven in.  Ryan Reynolds is an interesting pick and would not have been my first choice. I still  see him as the smart ass, wise guy, horn dog, Monty from the film Waiting (2005).

Nothing hugely original but it was a decent ride.

Joy Lynn says go see X-Men- First Class instead.  It is more suited for adults and women alike. Green Lantern is a kid friendly movie with a familiar story that we have all seen before.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . it’s Ryan Reynolds!

Green Lantern is a comic book story of evil vs. good with a half baked love story intertwined.  The special effects are decent, and the acting not horrible, but the dialogue seemed dorky. I must admit, I do think Ryan Reynolds was a good choice for the role of Hal, especially with his shirt off! WOW!

The story itself is simple and directed more to 8-15 year old boys in my opinion.   I would rate this movie a 6.0  on the TMG movie scale and rate Ryan Reynolds a 10.0 for his awesome body!   Green or otherwise!