TMG Scale 3.0
Staring Colin Farrell, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

TMG: This movie was a fright allright—frightfully bad. It was a preview showing on opening night and the theatre was almost empty.  I assume most folks had better sense than to drop two hours on this film—but it’s my job. Being a film commentator has its low side.  This film only got a 3.0 because I did laugh a number of times.  The 3D was useless in aid of this film. It would have been bad in 1D or 8D or with lots of double D’s thrown in. Don’t waste your time. Go see Final Destination 5 instead if you want some fun and cheap thrills.

This film did zilch to advance the folklore of vampires, but it did raise a few interesting questions. Such as, do vampires really like apples? Do vampires really prefer Budweiser? Is Waste Management going to replace Apple Computers for product placement in movies? And, most importantly, why on earth does 22 year old Christopher Mintz-Plasse  still play 17 year old dweebs in movies?  And Chris buddy, just because your mom did that ridiculous hyphenated name thingy, it does not mean you have to.  Grow up and get a decent name. More later.

Joy Lynn: Christopher Mintz-Plasse, I liked you in Superbad (2007)   and especially Role Models (2008).  Playing a dweeb is your speciality!!  But, I do agree with TMG, pick one name or the other.  It’s the mature thing to do!