TGM Scale: 6.5   P Factor 1.0
Starring Justin Timberlake and his butt, Mila Kunis, Rhicard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone (briefly)

TMG: I haven’t even chatted with Joy Lynn about this one yet. Yes,  it was funny, witty and just cute at times. But, I am so freaking tired of seeing men pee in movies I could just scream! It seems as though it is now a mandatory,  Hollywood film shot as if mandated  at page 1127 of the Federal Obama-care law. And while I appreciate one gratuitous shot of Justin Timberlake’s butt as a little gift for the ladies, after the third time it was just ugly and totally unnecessary.  Speaking of unnecessary, while TMG really gets the plot and title of the film, they went way too far with the onscreen sex. Parents and older sibs, don’t be tempted to take little brother or sister to this film—it is way beyond them. This film should have easily garnered and NC-17 rating.

Dylan (Timberlake) is recruited by head hunter Jamie (Kunis) to move from Hollywood to New York to take a job as art director at GQ magazine. Moving quickly from professional acquaintances to friends, they soon discover that adding the act of sex does lead to complications. It seems that just being “friends with benefits” is not much more than a friendly series of one night stands. It may mechanically operate just like a game of tennis and a good work out, but real friends have emotions and feelings too.

I could not figure what was up with Director Will Gluck from Easy A (2010) fame  …..just tossing Emma Stone into this film?  Emma has great marquee value for sure, but she was in maybe 3 minutes.  She is having a busy summer, but no excuse to waste her in this film. The real scene stealer in this film was Woody Harrelson. No surprise at all.

All in all,  this was another copy of No Strings Attached (2011) with a bit more crass and sex thrown in. It was okay as a date movie, but it will soon be forgotten. Films need more character, character development and good messages to be remembered very long. Look for this one at Redbox real soon.

Joy Lynn: This is easy!!  See my comments on the TMG blog for the rom com No Strings Attached (2011) and change the actors to Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and Woody Harralson.   Kunis and Timberlake have great chemistry and Woody Harralson was incredibly funny.  FWB has a different plot but includes emotions getting in the way of a physical relationship.  Nothing new to ponder.

I am with TMG, why does Hollywood insist on giving us graphically explicit simulated sex scenes and men urinating in every rom com produced these days?  I assume it is because all big budget movie house romantic comedies have basically the same plot.  If you want to try something totally different, go see Beginners (2011), a romantic comedy with a whole different twist.  It is a movie about relationships that are real.